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Putin calls Kosovo independence ‘terrible precedent’

February 23, 2008

Russian President Vladimir Putin today described the declaration of independence by Kosovo as a “terrible precedent” that will come back to hit the West “in the face.”

The comments came as Moscow ratcheted up its condemnation of Western powers’ support for the province’s secession from Serbia, with a Russian envoy warning NATO and the European Union against “brute force” in Kosovo.

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Hillary’s War Crime — Paul Craig Roberts




On Opednews:

Open Letter to Bernistas



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Nov 2 Elections in Donetsk and Lugansk- The Game Changer in Donbass

The brave citizens of Luhansk and Donetsk defied the threats of Nazi psychopaths in Kiev and the Americans and EU imperialists who deny their right to self-determination. They have faced artillery shelling, aerial bombardments and legions of psychotic fascists unleashed against them for half a year now.






Phil Greaves:

Syria: Media Disinformation, War Propaganda and the Corporate Media’s “Independent Bloggers”

“Most notably in the form of YouTube blogger, and self-proclaimed weapons expert Eliot Higgins, aka “Brown Moses”. The clique of highly ideological analysts, think-tankers and journalists Higgins’ regularly works with and consults – alongside the dubiously funded western NGO’s he receives payment from – provide a stark indication as to the factions within the corporate media circus this supposedly independent blogger is operating in unison with.





“A noble underachiever and a beautiful valedictorian fall in love the summer before she goes off to college.” -imdb

A coming of age movie done right, Say Anything is timeless, mature, funny, and set on the cusp of that universal abyss: what am I going to do with my life?  So many similar films fail from immaturity and paltry writing.  Cameron Crowe wrote and directed the film, keeping it grounded and poignant, even when it goes for the big laughs.

John Cusack and Ione Skye are seemingly polar opposites with nothing whatsoever in common.  That’s certainly the immediate determination of her father, played by John Mahoney.  With a class up on the floundering Cusack, and a rigorous education mapped out for Skye, this would-be romance is doomed before it starts.

But Skye suddenly realizes all the things she’s missed in high school, opting to be valedictorian, rather than one of the regular people.  Her father’s plans have stifled parts of her life that she now regrets missing.  Those realizations come as Cusack makes his big play to meet her, at their graduation.  With end of school parties a local tradition, and an invitation from Cusack, Skye decides to say yes and to see what everyone else is up to before taking off to college and abandoning this world.


Cusack works his charm, and sinks the hook.  She wants to see him again.  And that’s going to mean a trial by fire before her father, as they are incredibly close.

But her father isn’t all that he pretends to be.  He’s been in the grey zone for quite a few years, and now he’s under criminal investigation.

Skye loses her nerve and accedes to daddy’s demands, dropping Cusack and breaking his heart.  But when her faith in her father is suddenly shaken, and she becomes aware of whom he really is, it dawns on her that she has to live her own life and make her own choices.

Say Anything is perhaps the top, best loved romantic comedy of all time.


FUCK YEAH… (author unknown, as per BoingBoing)


Abby Martin calls out Israeli state terrorism against Russia Today journalists, as well as threats made by the Israeli government for further targeted violence: