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How to Make a Living From Your Original Films










I just posted Chapter 18 for kicks.   Perhaps this story is not what you were expecting?



Separating investors from their dirty lucre…

7 Tips from Silicon Valley on Giving Confidence to Potential Investors


Zach Braff delivers a funny pitch for money and shows how its’ done.  I didn’t even like Garden State, but I may have to see this one anyway.


Tim Robbins in The Player


Ted Hope’s 17 Things to Know about the Broken Film Industry

International territorial licensing of American independent feature films has dropped by approximately 60% over the last decade. Major territories no longer buy product. Most have given up on “American Indies.”


As have I. I’ll only watch the cream of the crop with festival approval stamped on them.  America is a vapid, bloated, ignorant culture and so are most of its artisitc efforts.  Foreign indies are a much safer bet for my precious time.