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Well here’s a simple exercise in hypocrisy.  Those who cheer the loudest for war also want to cut the taxes that would help treat the predictable casualties of war.  This is not a new issue, and stems back to the beginning of time.  The warmongering, often racist, militant right wants to pay nothing toward services that would actually help people, the victims of their own wars, even their own allegedly beloved “troops.”  Such monstrous, callous, barbarous stupidity is now normalized across large swaths of the population.


Veterans Affairs: Support a 90 yr old Purple Heart recipient and veteran of two wars

By Nicole M.
Sun City Center, Florida

My dad, James March, is a World War II and Korean War veteran with a Purple Heart he received in WW2 — but now that he’s seriously ill, the VA is refusing to help him.

Even though his injury from the war caused him terrible back and leg pain throughout his life, my dad never complained to the VA — he rarely asks for help from anyone. But now that he’s 90 years old, dad is really sick and he urgently needs help from an assisted living facility. Our whole family is worried about him: he’s barely eating, he’s nearly lost his eyesight, and he’s suffering from dementia. In just a few months, he lost 70 pounds.

Dad needs constant care, but Mom isn’t able to be a full-time caregiver because she’s struggling with cancer recovery and diabetes — and my family doesn’t have enough money to pay out of pocket for him to get a home aide.

The VA lost our application for assistance two times before they denied our claim. Even though my parents are crippled by medical costs and their home was foreclosed on 2/27/2013, the VA says my dad “makes too much money” to qualify for help. In reality, my parents barely have enough left over at the end of the month to buy their groceries, let alone pay for at-home care.

My dad was there when our country needed him to fight in WWII, healing others as a medic on the battlefield where he earned a Purple Heart. Now that he needs us, will we turn our back on him? Sign my petition asking that the VA give my dad the benefits he and all veterans deserve for their service and sacrifice.

My dad needs help


Baltimore Sun:

“Nearly 19,500 veterans died last year while they waited for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to complete a review of their disability benefits claim, up from 10,900 in 2011, according to information the agency provided Friday.”

Well somebody’s making a fortune off these endless war belligerent imperial policies. But guess who ain’t?


Not a lot has changed over the last decade since America unlawfully invaded Iraq. During the first weeks of the war, the Veterans Administration budget was absurdly cut. This undercut the medical treatment that would be desperately needed by the new war of Washington’s own choosing. This was so egregious and shocking at the time, but no one was talking about it on the networks. …So for the mindless, bobble-headed flag-waving masses, it never entered their nationalistic little minds.

Right wingers send around bullshit propaganda emails to their families, and my wife receives some of it. They love the “Support the Troops” and “Thank a Veteran”, hollow, empty rhetoric of the morally bankrupt right. When it comes to paying taxes for medical benefits for these same “troops” and “veterans” they have only one answer. Cut their taxes, pay less. That’s the bulk of their so-called philosophy. More for them, less for the rest.

Thank a dead veteran for helping cut your taxes, assholes. There’s another 20,000 of them for you to honor and cherish with a free email click over to your Ayn Randian companions.