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“There’s no reason we can’t be at peace with the whole world, Joe.”

Oliver Stone

“There’s two hills I’m willing to die on. One is stopping the jabs in the children, and one is resisting the erosion of free speech, which is the fundamental principle on which our democracy and our society–civilized western culture is built on.”

Dr. Robert Malone

MSM is designed to propagandize Americans and get them asking the wrong questions.

Joe Rogan is on their smear list mainly because he asks the right questions of the right people.


(Coming Soon: Wrecking Balls is a novel of stand-up comedy and excess.)



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Israel’s ongoing genocide against Palestine, as told by its own soldiers…

Breaking the Silence





40 Must-See Documentaries & Interviews on Filmmaking →



A little bit rambling.  The guy behind Robot and Frank is included, and others talking about making indie movies and getting their thing together.



Pilfered from Indiewire:

5 ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ Episodes Every Filmmaker Should Watch