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RepresentUs Anti Corruption Act




No one should be crying for Jennifer Lawrence’s bank account, but there is more evidence here of systemic gender discrimination when it comes to money…

Sony emails reveal Jennifer Lawrence paid less than male co-stars

Gumpert added, “The current talent deals are: O’Russell: 9%; Cooper: 9%; Bale: 9%; [Jeremy] Renner: 9%; Lawrence: 7%; Adams: 7%.”


Trouble in Panem


You’ll definitely want to catch the next installment of The Hunger Games, which is done even better than the first film. The arbitrary shaky cam is gone, and the story is tense and moves along at a slightly faster tempo.  The characters are true to themselves, and the situation escalates from bad to worse.  Catching Fire played to a packed audience, and the crowd stayed with the film to the end.

Donald Sutherland’s stunning call for a revolution aligns with the story itself.  The comparisons with America’s slide toward despotism and a police state are intended and striking.  Even more so than the first movie, a lot of young people are going to be contemplating political messages embedded in the film.  This is not a neutral situation, and neither is our current reality.  While we are in no way as oppressive a society as is Panem, we edge continually toward it with each passing power grab in “the capital,” a place nearly as out of touch with average Americans and their plights today.


What delights is the blatant shredding of propaganda, the political exploitation of the manufactured heroes, and how they are stage managed to placate the masses. The thinly-veiled propaganda techniques, such as those used by Stanley Tucci’s character mirror our own TV media reality.  There isn’t much difference except for the hyperbolic degree which Panem takes their messaging.  Our real world version is far more subtle, far more insidious and yet retains similar goals.

The family can’t wait for the next film, and hopefully it won’t be so long off.  Jennifer Lawrence remain truthful, beautiful and powerful, an icon for the next generation.



Crazy Genius?

Script here

Really great film, dramatic, funny, great acting.  I’ve got to let Jennifer Lawrence know I’m married because she keeps getting me to fall in love with her.

It’s Bradley Cooper with a performance to remember as a bipolar guy whose life has fallen apart.  Everyone in the film is crazy, including DeNiro and Chris Tucker.  Such an engaging domestic story about a wacky family and trying to deal with mental illness.  Jennifer Lawrence throws a monkey wrench into it, and it becomes a tense love story.

The movie is based on a book, and this has been effective at getting various mental conditions talked about.  The public has responded well to seeing realistic manic behavior and the struggles which are set off from stress.

Having witnessed much of this first hand, I appreciated the film and the performances.  The whole thing works, guided by David O’Russell, himself pretty out there.  So, we’ve got crazy guy, crazy girl, crazy father, crazy writer and crazy director – making movie magic.  We could use some more.

When I have more time I’ll analyze the script.


Bonus… from the crypt…

O’Russell on Stress (literally)

Revolution Begins: Hunger Games II


You know I’m going to be there.  This looks better than the first one, and the stakes are getting larger.  Here are the articles we posted concerning The Hunger Games: