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Cover-up, lying, treason that continues to this very day, that’s what I’ll always remember about 9/11. Anyone who hasn’t intensely studied this issue, as in a college-level course, should start with Senator Bob Grahsm’s call for reopening the investigation. Graham wrote the initial investigatory report for the Congress, the one that has been censored (those 28 pages about Saudi sponsorship of the hijackers) for 13 years and counting.

“9/11: Press for Truth” directed by Ray Nowosielski-CinePolitics-09-10-2011

Two British journalists have to go to Iranian TV to get information about the 9/11 cover up aired.

Every American should have seen the 2006 film, 9/11 Press For Truth by now. This film chronicles the Jersey Girls and their battle to establish the 9/11 Commission. It also includes much more, as in the treasonous airlift of Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters from Kunduz Afghantistan in Nov. 2001, where they escaped into northern Pakistan with the permission of the United States, which controlled the airspace.

9/11 Press For Truth also recounts how George W. Bush was personally moved out of his high rise hotel at the Genoa G-8 meetings because of known threats of an Al Qaeda suicide skyjacking in Italy.

Some information has evolved since the film was pieced together in 2006, some of which is discussed. A particular claim about Abu Zubaydah, made by one of the Jersey Girls, is today disputed by the Justice Dept. They say Zubaydah never had any association with Al Qaeda at all. Yet, they continue to detain him without charge.


9/11 Press For Truth is streaming free online, in full: