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CENSORSHIP From Billionaire-Backed Professional Activists!




Josh Fox: Arrest of Journalists and Filmmakers Covering the Dakota Pipeline is a Threat to Democracy
Deia Schlosberg speaks


Actions Are Happening!


Find / Start an anti-fracking event here.

Josh Fox’s Gasland II to expose power politics of fracking

“Sequel of Oscar-nominated film on natural gas boom puts focus on climate change, oil lobby and the US government”


Josh Fox goes after the corruption that is the US system.



This one goes out specially to Ray….


Gasland (Josh Fox) on Facebook.

Josh Fox of “Gasland” follows up his investigation of natural gas fracking with an expose on the lies, the public relations, the secret documents and the corruption surrounding this issue.


Also ARTISTS AGAINST FRACKING has formed to save New York’s water supply from the proven contamination these types of wells produce.