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GALLUP confirms Americans sick of Rethugs and Democraps, which are essentially organized criminal syndicates. Case in point, the Democrap leader Obama, the “Nobel Peace Laureate” has now bombed 7 countries and continues to ramp up endless war through a variety of covert schemes.


Go down to the local REGISTRAR OF VOTERS, a little office right in your own town, and fill out a half page form to de-register from the Democrats / Republicans. The least you can do is to register “INDEPENDENT” thereby withdrawing your support from the aforementioned criminal syndicates.

Beyond the bare minimum: become that third party you say you desire.




Gallup Poll:

“60% of Americans say the Democratic and Republicans parties do such a poor job of representing the American people that a third major party is needed. ”


So let me get this straight…

For decades, a lot of hard working, honest, intelligent people have been trying to establish third parties in the US, including Greens and Justice Party.  Now, all of a sudden, 200,000,000 Americans say we need this.

Where the fuck where you bags of douche for the past few decades of debauchery and criminality coming out of Washington?  Serial wars of aggression, crackdowns on dissent, government surveillance of the citizens, militarization of police, Wall Street ascendancy and grand theft nation?



Vote today only to see which two presidential candidates will return for the second debate at Free and Equal.

Candidates Include

Jill Stein, Green Party
Rocky Anderson, Justice Party
Virgil Goode, Constitution Party
Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party

Green, Justice and Libertarian parties spar tonight at 9pm:



Democracy Now hosts Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson as they take on the two party duopoly.

Third parties justified, moral choices against atrocities and totalitarian rulers. More info at


He’s got my vote just based on this five minute interview.  Share this video, and let’s see what happens…