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Okay, Doom and Gloomers—

With It’s a Disaster set to release on DVD momentarily, The End and World War Z imminent, and us already living in Zombieland surrounded by The Walking Dead, why do I even persist?

Don’t answer that.

I want to talk about a little Canadian movie called Last Night (1998) that no one saw, but I really loved.  I’m so happy that Hollywood didn’t choose to remake and shit all over this indie.  Last Night is an end of the world tale that worked for its simplicity and plain, straightforward truth. No special-effect laden Melancholia about it, just two people facing the end and struggling for a human connection before their time is up.


Might as well mention some other apocalyptic films to keep this thing going.

Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain bends your brain in multiple epochs. It’s so bold, unconventional and visually mesmerizing that it sticks with you for a long time afterward.


Blindness is José Saramago’s tale of a world instantly rendered blind.  Complete anarchy and panic, and then the banding together as the blind lead the blind to atrocities and war for resources.  A disturbing powerful film that is filmed exceptionally well for its modest budget.


12 Monkeys, not a small film, but when Terry Gilliam does the apocalypse I’m there.  Like The Fountain, 12 Monkeys doesn’t restrict itself to one era.  It jumps back and forth pre-apocalypse to post.  It’s such a twisted unconventional tale though, and one of Gilliam’s best in my opinion.  How easy it is to destroy a world.


And of course, who needs zombies when you have The Humungous?