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WOW! A film-related post. It all comes full circle…

Stop Paying for Footage! The 411 on Fair Use


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This could be the funniest bit to come out of Election 2016. Not SNL’s sanitized corporate comedy.






Covering atrocities against Native Americans is now a crime in North Dakota. 




House plans to vote to allow 9/11 lawsuits against Saudi Arabia

Obama may VETO the bill, like the treasonous fraud he is. Hopefully he lands in prison eventually.


French react to worldwide condemnation over beach incident.



It never seemed like they had a valid reason for this in the first place. Bans like these go against basic human freedom to dress how one chooses. Germany is currently banning head scarves and many cultural clashes are escalating.



Police Use of Deadly Force: State Statutes 30 Years after Garner

Chad Flanders and Joseph C. Welling

“So two trends, working in opposite directions, made the common law rule otiose: the death penalty was becoming rarer, but more crimes (and more nonviolent crimes) were becoming felonies. To these two trends the Court added a third: it was getting easier to use deadly force.[54] Before, deadly force was mainly inflicted by hand to hand combat, that is, after a fight. Nowadays, police can kill with one pull of a trigger. There may be, in such a world, a greater need for caution in using force–and for a rule which would discourage the use of force unless and until it was really necessary.[55]…




Medical potential of psychedelic drugs, explained in 50+ studies