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FBI Accused of Omitting Evidence From 9/11 Report




Suing the government for access to 9/11 evidence. This could be big.



Corporate lawyers not only want lifetime gag orders, they want them on children as well, thereby stealing the 1st Amendment free speech rights of children before they can even make any choices about it.

Pittsburgh Gazette:

“The non-disclosure agreement prohibiting Chris and Stephanie Hallowich from talking about the 2011 settlement of their high-profile Marcellus Shale damage case in Washington County, or saying anything about gas drilling and fracking, isn’t unusual. It happens often in settling such cases.

But the insistence that their two minor children, then ages 7 and 10, are also bound by the “gag order” is.

Several independent legal scholars and attorneys involved in the Hallowich side of the case say they know of no other settlement agreements that gag the children of parents involved in legal settlements, and questioned whether such an agreement is enforceable.”


“Gag orders” are how corporations continue to harm innocent people and get away with poisoning populations, and they should be eliminated from any cases were corporate malfeasance is involved.  This is outrageous, and the people responsible at these companies should be arrested and prosecuted for criminal activities, including conspiracy, not given the power to silence witnesses.   More fascistic tyranny, right in broad daylight.