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Dandelion Salad teleSUR English on Oct 12, 2016 Tariq Ali considers the US election campaign and asks, is Trump any worse than Clinton? Is this a case of electing the lesser of two evils, or is there another option?

via Tariq Ali: Is Trump Any Worse Than Clinton? I’d Vote For Jill Stein — Dandelion Salad



Abu Ghraib defense team psychologist shows the “bad barrel” vs. the “bad apple” story.

This talk by Philip Zimbardo is one of the most important docs I’ve ever posted here.  Zimbardo is the psychologist who designed and implemented the Stanford Prison Experiment.  Talk includes the Millgram experiment and The Lucifer Effect.

He is s firm proponent of a culture of heroism, of having an antidote to evil systems.  Very good talk, needed in the world right now.

“A moral commitment to other people.”



He makes one dumb point about Obama’s problems with corporate media.  Just clearly an uninformed, biased remark.  Obama’s problems with the US media didn’t start until he was exposed spying directly on the Associated Press, in his second term for fuck’s sake.

Other than that, good discussion of biased historians.  Hey — like Brian Glyn Williams!



The writer behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich gave this lengthy speech on the business and function of screenwriting (AUDIO) — and of course it’s not the usual tripe.

It’s a massive issue because the business I’m in is the same business that politicians and corporations are in.  It’s the business of selling something that’s important to them by disguising it as something that’s important to you.  And it’s ubiquitous.  And I don’t think it’s symbiotic.