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Best stuff yet.


Y mas.



I’ve gone cold on the A7s. The rolling shutter is horrible. The low-light trickery just looks alien and weird, as displayed in the beach scenes.

But worst of all, and this may just be Phillip Bloom’s color-grading quirkiness, the colors are grotesque. The skin tones make me want to wretch most of the time. It also has a noisiness that comes and goes during a shot. The blocky compression is also a cause for concern, although we can’t be sure if this was introduced at the final stage at Vimeo.

But saturated colors, particularly the low-light variety, may induce vomiting. I’ll remain a BMC loyalist.







Roilling shutter and limited bit depth may cause a second look at the new wonder cam. Definitely needs stability and slow panning. The camera maxes out at 8 bits color and requires an external recorder at 4k. Cost?

The BMCs still offer incredible value for motion capture, and better rolling shutter performance. The Digital Bolex is also a great cam with a distinct look and vibrant colors. We’re spoiled for choice these days.

Still, if you really need to shoot in the dark this is the only camera today that can feasibly capture what you need.






sony-a7s-4k-video-iso-409600-2 (1)


This may be the first still camera / movie cam I actually lust for.*  Passes for film in my book, and it does low light to ISO…



wait for it…






The sensor has something going for it you’ve never seen before.


Cost: $2500.  Ouch.  Nothing like the ridiculously priced Canon 1dc, which was the biggest ripoff I’d ever seen.  And this cam may blow it away.


* I have not seen the rolling shutter issue, as all shots are static and stable.  Needs more testing.



I almost forgot!  Sony is claiming “15.3 stops” of dynamic range in raw mode.  Not sure the availability of recording RAW moving image, but we’ll see.  The ARRI Alexa has 14.3 stops; so ponder that, young grasshopper.





This is very usable.  John Brawley has a new test video.  The Blackmagic Pocket Cam was announced to retail for $995.