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Was there ever a more glaring fraud and con man in the white house?

Nixon was “not a crook.”

Dubya Bush had trouble “putting food on your family.”

But Donnie just admitted that nothing he says means anything, at all, ever, in perpetuity!!!





How fucking insane are Republicans? This guy is their frontrunner. We are officially beyond satire. This lunatic says completely psychotic gibberish every time he gets in front of a microphone.

Can anyone fathom handing him the nuclear football?

Ben Carson Blames Drug Addiction On ‘Political Correctness’

Ben Carson Tormented…

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Ben Carson Tormented By Periodic Rational Thoughts copy

Dylann Storm Roof: 5 Facts 

Cops say Dylann Storm Roof, a Columbia-area native, sat for several minutes in a Bible study Wednesday night before opening fire inside the the historic Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston.

Roof’s Dad Gave Him a .45-Caliber Pistol for His Birthday

roof-confederate-states copyConfederate States of America


Big fan of Apartheid


I’ve avoided this nonsense, until now…

“You gotta marry these girls when they about 15 or 16.  They’ll pick yur ducks.”

Phil Robertson’s Tips On Finding The Perfect Underage Girl To Marry!