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Fethullah Gülen


Mostly speculative. We don’t know who was behind the coup. It may have been Erdogan himself. As Erdogan has been the greatest supporter of ISIS I have no problem with him being deposed, but not by worse people. It’s a bit of an enigma inside a mystery at this point.


This is pretty huge, in light of the Graham Fuller (CIA) revelations.

Turkish Intel Chief Exposes CIA Operations via Islamic Group in Central Asia

Are your kids enrolled in one of Fethullah Gulen’s Charter Schools?  He owns 100 of them in the United States, despite having numerous other schools shut down as radical “Madrassas” in the Arab world.

“In the 1990s Gulen’s Madrasas sheltered 130 CIA agents” in Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan”

 Fethullah GulenGulen

Fethullah Gulen became a green card holder despite serious opposition from FBI and from Homeland Security Department. Former CIA officers (formally and informally) such as Graham Fuller and Morton Abromovitz were some of the prominent references in Gulen’s green card application.”

Graham E. FullerFuller

More recent news about Mr. Graham Fuller:

Censored: Uncle Ruslan Tsarni May Have Funded Terrorists