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The 5 Lies of Indie Film Distribution





And it has a thumbs down button.

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TAKE ACTION! Ask your Member of Congress and Senators to remove the Monsanto Promotion Act. Tell them you don’t want your taxes to be spent on corporate welfare or industry propaganda, especially not to promote Monsanto’s GMOs!

Don’t Let Congress Give Your Money to Monsanto!



Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies

The evidence is strong that companies are getting the results they want, and this is especially worrisome because between two-thirds and three-quarters of the trials published in the major journals—Annals of Internal Medicine, JAMA, Lancet, and New England Journal of Medicineare funded by the industry [9].

If you missed the scathing critique by the Lancet editor go here. The scam is being exposed in publication after publication. Big Pharma buys favorable coverage, including so-called favorable “peer review.”

Examples of Methods for Pharmaceutical Companies to Get the Results They Want from Clinical Trials

  • Conduct a trial of your drug against a treatment known to be inferior.
  • Trial your drugs against too low a dose of a competitor drug.
  • Conduct a trial of your drug against too high a dose of a competitor drug (making your drug seem less toxic).
  • Conduct trials that are too small to show differences from competitor drugs.
  • Use multiple endpoints in the trial and select for publication those that give favourable results.
  • Do multicentre trials and select for publication results from centres that are favourable.
  • Conduct subgroup analyses and select for publication those that are favourable.
  • Present results that are most likely to impress—for example, reduction in relative rather than absolute risk.




People who use science like a faith are often fooled by trivial scientific looking gibberish. You see this all the time, pseudo-intellectualism, particularly on controversial matters.

Blinded by non-science: Trivial scientific information increases trust in products

“Your faith in science may actually make you more likely to trust information that appears scientific but really doesn’t tell you much,” said lead author Aner Tal, post-doctoral researcher at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. “Anything that looks scientific can make information you read a lot more convincing.”



Scholastic Books is now selling access to your children’s minds.

Scholastic and Big Coal Team Up to Bamboozle 4th Graders



This one gets its own post although I’m seeing a theme here with a lot of sexist complaints aimed at Hollyweird.

The article sort of boils my nards for a different reason altogether: marketing shit at kids.  This whole sexist appeal to boys is predicated on the logic that the boys buy more shit, which is potentially untrue, but why should these scum be marketing their garbage to kids in the first place?  It’s pathetic, the manufactured conformity, the pushing of plastic trinkets onto the youth giving them meaning in disposable Chinese extruded kitch.  Fuck.  What a waste of a culture.






Cumberbatch ignores the criticisms of the script laid out by Assange. Specifically, he avoids addressing whether the script was changed at all from the version Assange had, and what his contribution, if any, was to making script changes. This is dancing around the substance and pushing a lot of PR styled flak in support of the film (hired gun style).


“The Fifth Estate is a powerful, if dramatized, entry point for a discussion about this extraordinary lurch forward in our society.”

Delusions of grandeur?  An “entry point?”  So people have no idea what Wikileaks is and need his movie to get up to speeed?



From FoodMythBusters.





Hello my childrens.  Just this morning I received an “Urgent Advertising Request.”

This is urgent, as it demands we pay attention to the need to advertise for online gambling here on Political Film Blog.  They have been “watching” the site for “12 months” and have determined that you people fit the demographic of people who really need to start online gambling, now.

There are two options, and two options only. Let’s make that clear.

A fake article written by them touting the virtues of online gambling, worth a whopping $120.  Secondly an image, a desperately needed image 125 pixels squared (that’s 15,625 pixels for God’s sake!) at a payment of $150 for a similar 12 months.  This is crucial.  This is life or death.  I must decide right now in real time, as I type.

“…we need this live quickly.”



Yes they do.

How can I have been so blind to it?

It’s all so crystal clear now.


They say that they can have the money to me in 2 days  Directly into my Paypal account.

Two days?

Are they mad!?

For an issue of such crucial import to all of humanity?

We cannot wait two days to hear about online gambling!

Dammit.  Are you people amateurs?  What the hell is wrong with you?  I need online gambling in my life RIGHT FUCKING NOW!



Get your shit together.  And fuck that Paypal crap. I want chips, credits.  I need to parlay that stack into millions.  Multi-millions.  Where is my magic?   Where is my luxury suite with top shelf call girls?  I need to bathe in champagne.  I’ll expect a stretch hummer out front within the hour, or forget it.  Who do you people think you’re dealing with?