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Shameless corporate lie factories have completely fogged the landscape. Lie after lie as they accuse truthtellers of being liars with the intent to censor and remove them from the Internet. This is a dire threat to public safety.

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci: a ‘Formidable, Nefarious’ Partnership

Keeping the pressure on Fauci et al.

Who will think of the children?

How media manipulates you. A tale of two protests, one of them much, much larger than the other…

Biden went out of his way today to attack Cuba because of a small number of regime change protesters no-doubt bankrolled by the USA.

The media has been complicit in a cover-up.

See also how 9/11 exposed the big “left” names as collaborators with the empire.

Sacred Cows & Left Gatekeepers

«A murderous system is being created before our very eyes»

Real journalism is nearly destroyed. It is exiled from mainstream corporations who pretend to inform viewers. It is jailed in Britain for reporting war crimes. It is censored from Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

There is a war on to destroy the Truth. The Truth is losing, badly. You can hear the endless lies gushing from your family, friends, and acqauaintances. Lies are big business, perhaps the biggest.

“Neo-nazis leverage online organizing space to trade bomb recipes”

Patriotwave’s Boogaloo: Engineering an Aesthetic of Violence

This webinar introduces Project Censored’s Validated Independent News exercise, and explains how teachers can use this assignment to develop their students’ critical thinking and digital media literacy skills. The webinar features: Allison Butler, Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication, and Director, Media Literacy Certificate Program, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Steve Macek, Professor of Communication; Chair of the Department of Communication and Media Studies, North Central College; Andy Lee Roth, Associate Director, Project Censored; and Shealeigh Voitl, student and Project Censored research intern, North Central College. The webinar also includes questions and comments from webinar participants. Topics covered: news, critical media literacy, investigative journalism, corporate versus independent news, propaganda model, news filters, news bias. This webinar was presented by Project Censored and co-hosted by the Department of Communication and Media Studies, North Central College, and the Department of Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Online resources mentioned in the webinar: Validated Independent News Exercise Guidelines:… Global Critical Media Literacy Educator’ Resource Guide:… Project Censored’s State of the Free Press | 2021:… Teacher’s Guide to State of the Free Press | 2021:… To learn more about Project Censored: