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Clinton Donors Charged In Massive Campaign Finance Scheme

Joe Biden Snaps (Again)



White House aides ‘bewildered and alarmed’: Trump seems lost in ‘some kind of paranoid delusion’





‘Uncertain Radiological Threat’: US Navy Sailors Search for Justice after Fukushima Mission

After looking into the case, they contacted over 500 sailors who had become ill after the mission in Japan. Two-hundred-fifty of them answered and their stories form the backbone of the case they hope to argue before the court



Fukushima radiation is killing children… heart problems, leukemia, thyroid 

“…in reality radiation is still there — and it is killing children. They are dying of heart conditions, asthma, leukemia, thyroid complications. Lots of kids are extremely exhausted after school, others are simply unable to attend PE classes. But the authorities are still hiding the truth from us…”

Former mayor of Futaba describes criminal negligence and the poisoning of the population with radiation in Fukushima prefecture.

More on Cesium contamination


Earthquake and Tsunami damage-Dai Ichi Power Plant, Japan

Japan Times:

Fukushima No. 1 engineer’s warning to Taiwan: Nuclear power unstable

“A Japanese engineer who helped build reactor 4 at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant said such plants are inherently unstable, urging Taiwan to ditch atomic energy for renewable resources.”

You don’t know how many ignorant imbeciles I come across, who defend the nuke racket with lies they’ve heard and then repeat.  It’s refreshing to see an insider and nuclear expert tell the truth.  Not that the ignorant trolls care about that.



Solid roundup of current info on the Fukushima catastrophe and cover- up:

Fukushima Meltdowns: A Global Conspiracy of Denial