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The SS 2.0

Posted: November 15, 2018 in -
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Who’s Behind ICE? How Amazon, Palantir, Microsoft & Tech Giants Are Powering Trump’s Deportations


They’re turning our country into a Philip K. Dick dystopian nightmare.



Microsoft has been accused of collecting consumer data from personal computers, using its Windows 10 operating system to target users with personalized ads based on their web-surfing habits.



Who’s the true enemy of internet freedom – China, Russia, or the US?

Note the crucial difference: Russia and China want to be able to access data generated by their citizens on their own soil, whereas the US wants to access data generated by anybody anywhere as long as American companies handle it.


The US Big Brother is distinctly American, a fascistic corporate/state system where rights are stripped away by threats of massive fines…

Yahoo Faced $250,000-Day Fine for Not Giving U.S. Data

Check out the other corporate thugs:

Other companies including Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Google Inc. (GOOG)and Facebook Inc. (FB) were also asked to turn over user data.

Yahoo was the only company that refused to comply and fought the requests. The courts upheld the company’s right to assert violations of Fourth Amendment guarantees against unreasonable searches on behalf of its customers, while rejecting the substance of the constitutional claims.

“We refused to comply with what we viewed as unconstitutional and overbroad surveillance and challenged the U.S. government’s authority,” Bell said.


Gates Foundation financed PBS education programming which promoted Microsoft’s interests

The Gates Foundation – aka the personal foundation of a current Microsoft board member – is being permitted to promote Common Core on PBS at the very moment Microsoft is building parts of its business around the Common Core.


Accountability is for the little people, like your kids.  Not for billionaires.