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How Media Spread CIA’s Sectarian, Anti-Iran ‘Mideast Cold War’ Narrative



Psychotic piece of shit, human garbage, thug, monster, Paul Ryan continues to squrim and fester in the Congress, to the shame of the human species.

Paul Ryan Stayed Up Last Night And Did Trump A Terrifying Favor

The AUMF has been used to date to launch 37 military operations in 14 countries.


Where was Barbara Lee’s amendment while Obama bombed all those countries over his entire 8 years???

USS Mason (Reuters).JPG

Iran sends warships to Yemen coast after US attack on Houthis



Obama’s navy has entered the Yemen war on the side of Saudi mass murderers. Other players have taken notice. The escalations in the middle east can draw in numerous nuclear powers if this SHIT DOESN’T STOP.

But the American sheeple think only in binary terms, and will elect Hillary, the warmongering servant of empire. We may be doomed.





Maintaining the World Order



Pepe Escobar takes on the global chaos…

Planet of Fear



Kevin Barrett interviewed me for his radio program concerning the Noam Chomsky 9/11 Challenge. It should show up there after he’s done tinkering with it:

Kevin Barrett’s radio show schedule


It was fun actually airing my grievances concerning the distorted media environment here in the US, including the “left” media that treats certain voices with kid gloves and doesn’t challenge their statements. Have you ever seen a critique of Noam Chomsky published in any outlet that publishes his articles and interviews?