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The plot sickens…

CIA director Leon Panetta asked Boal to alert the agency if he ever traveled to the country. At the time, Boal was working on a movie called Tora Bora, about the CIA’s failure to capture Osama bin Laden in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. The title referred to the region in eastern Afghanistan where the US felt it had let bin Laden slip through its fingers during a battle in December 2001.

But less than two weeks after Boal made the call, a team of Navy SEALs raided the al Qaeda leader’s compound in Pakistan and killed him. Boal would not be going to Afghanistan after all.

Executive Producer Leon Panetta hands Boal the Osama bin Laden murder fairy tale, and Tora Bora is never made.

Tora Bora was when they let Al Qaeda escape to Pakistan when the USAF could easily have bombed their caravan and shot down the Pakistani aircraft flying them out. That’s the story the CIA wasn’t so eager to see on big screens.

Tequila, Painted Pearls, and Prada: How the CIA Helped Produce ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

The Scandal:

Zero Dark Thirty Scandal Files


FREE: Debunking Handbook
How to debunk false beliefs without having it backfire

Some of the misinformation that’s out there is not accidental. I think there’s quite a bit that’s put into the public discourse in order to have a political effect. It’s supposed to be wrong, but effective.

This reminds me of all the disinformation concerning 9/11, and how a very small minority are concerned with the ongoing cover-up. The media gatekeepers have been the most malignant force around, utterly unskeptical of government lies and collusion with the perps: Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Even alternative media has been irrational and deluded on the topic.

Not sure how much the handbook will help on that front.

Disinformation Killed 9/11 “Truth”