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I, Tonya – My Review

Posted: April 6, 2018 in Joe Giambrone
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J. Giambrone

i-tonya-poster (2)Redneck Ice Queen

Although burned out on movie reviews, I, Tonya blew me away. This is a great American movie, one of the best around. Character-driven stupid crime, it’s got it all.

There’s a love/hate relationship with Tonya Harding. We all want to know if she was in on it or not. The film toys with the idea of her innocence, but it is a completely unreliable narrator. The genius is in having multiple unreliable, self-serving voices. One can’t be sure what actually happened from the movie alone.

Margot Robbie is outstanding. She brings Tonya to life both on and off the ice with depth and sensitivity. The film rocks from gut laughs to the occasional tear, and yet the reality is always in question. It’s a masterful faux documentary, somewhat like To Die For.


One thing I did not know about Tonya Harding was that she was the…

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I’ve waited quite a while for a zombie film that did something different. So much rides on the concept. As you may have guessed, my view is that we need more serious stories told from the perspective of younger people.


Finally, we have an interesting divergence from the usual, and it came out of Britain. These chompers are a bit like the 28 Days Later variety, but with head fungus. There’s a fungus among us. And that’s just the start.


I liked that the Girl was completely a wild card. The title makes sense by the end. So, no spoilers. Get the film and support a zombie.


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My own little universe!

US viewers can watch here. Amazon Prime members in UK, Germany & Japan also watch for free.

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J. Giambrone


By now I have a serious love/hate relationship with The Purge. Dammit. My feelings toward this movie seem to mirror my feelings toward American culture generally: I like the freedom, but not the scumbags who abuse it.

Greg Palast, BBC, had perhaps the best zinger of the modern age: “Armed Madhouse.”

Installment three of The Purge is exactly what you’d expect if you’re up on the franchise. We have a dystopian satire and a straight action movie cliche-fest wrapped into one. For every plus there is a minus. So the thing hovers near zero, but leans slightly positive.

I’m talking great class war metaphor and cheesy dialogue from the school of Roger Corman or something. It’s hard to accept the narrative when it is so chock full of cliches and glaringly BAD WRITING!


Example: the “climax,” if that’s what it’s supposed to be, is indistinguishable from that of the film

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