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It can’t get more subjective than this. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin is NOT a perfect song. It’s too long. Its lyrics are bonkers and sort of contradictory. It’s self indulgent… but it does rock out at the end.

Don Henley’s Boys of Summer has been called a perfect song by others, and I can’t find fault with that.

I find Poe’s Haunted to be a perfect song that sends chills down my spine at the climax every single time. What more of a litmus test can there be?

A perfect song is introspective and revelatory. Sly and coded, the subject is human vulnerability.

Similarly, Patty Griffith’s Little God blows my little mind. This is about content, about structure, about range and about purpose. These songs stand as works of art beyond the boundaries of fleeting pop culture.

I wrote about Bowie’s final masterpiece Lazarus.

Bowie was, of course, a master songwriter who touched the entire planet.

Freddy Mercury was too, and put them together and lets’ hope that future generations don’t relate to the greatest song about inequality and homelessness ever written by way of fucking Coca Cola ads…

Speaking of the vicissitudes of pressure:

Perhaps it’s my own personal fantasy about beautiful singers like Tina Dico, but Euphoria’s Blue makes the list, as does Zero Seven’s Home.

To stay honest, I’d have to mention several from Thievery Corporation, starting with Lebanese Blonde.

And Alison Goldfrapp would need several spots, if we’re talking original songwriting. Several of her songs work wonders tunneling through tcorners of the mind.

Sarah McLachlin would score several too.

Peter Gabriel would snatch half a dozen spots.

As would Massive Attack.

I feel I’ve only just begun the counterattack. With the barrage of vapid dance/pop/hip hop/corporate metal idiocy pumped at me at my local gym these days, the above list may just be enough to save a few souls.


Musical Wednesday

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It’s been a while.





The Beat Suite Recording Studio

There are several others. This may be useful for videos. Also has a sound effects section.




Piracy on the High Sees: The Devaluation of Content

“You should come over one night,” said the man in the nice blue (and somewhat expensive looking) sweatshirt. “I have about 300 films I’ve downloaded.”

He laughed and then told me he hadn’t paid for even one… that he has some back channel way of getting them from a site that grabs them off of cable VOD services. And, he continued,“they look great… all in HD”!

“Don’t you think that’s thievery?” I asked

“No,” he said. “They’re there for the taking”.

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Muse say new album ‘Drones’ is ‘a modern metaphor for what it is to lose empathy’

And there’s a behind the scenes concert vid at the link.


No Hipster Apartheid!

South by Southwest (SXSW) — an international mecca for artists, innovators, and hipsters — is planning to host a series of “Israel-centric” tech events sponsored by the Israeli government billing Israel as a “Land of Creation” and “Small Country, Big Ideas.” Events like these are part of the “Brand Israel” propaganda campaign designed to market Israel as a technologically modern and culturally sophisticated nation in order to improve its image abroad and counter worldwide outrage over its massacres and apartheid policies targeting the Palestinian people. – See more at:


References to Occupy, Wall Street, “we want change” and North korea? Anyway, for your listening pleasure…

Might as well throw this in. It’s Friday…