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Frankenfish Flops Risk Assessment

…AquAdvantage Salmon reveals that Canadian government scientists found significant problems with the fish, including increased susceptibility to disease and widely inconsistent growth rates. As a result of this newly released draft risk assessment, U.S. NGOs are calling for the U.S. FDA to stop its own review of the fish.

One Gene Turns Bacteria Lethal

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Despite the claims of the GMO lobby and its useful idiots, the trolls you see on message boards, they don’t understand the implications of the genetic alterations at all. They are playing dice with the world’s food supply. Genetic changes spread to bacteria and get out into the wild.  And then there’s all that bacteria living within your guts right now.

Extra genes make bacteria lethal

Scientists have found that a single genomic change can turn beneficial bacteria into pathogenic bacteria, by boosting bacterial density inside the host.

Note: Send these videos to anyone and everyone, particularly those in California. If you live in California, and you do not support the Prop 37 GMO mandatory labeling law initiative then you are simply an ignorant fool.

GMO Ticking Time Bomb Part One

GMO Ticking Time Bomb Part Two