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Finally got around to seeing Velvet Goldmine (1998), which I had always considered watching, but what a disaster this thing is.  We’ve got Ewan McGregor, Christian Bale and a Bowie-esque homage to 70s glam rock.  Can’t miss, right?

Whew.  This is a brutally bad edit, a script so disjointed and mangled as to be barely recognizable as a movie.  It’s self-indulgent, gay soft core to the point of annihilation.  I am sort of shocked this thing got made as is.

The cinematography, mind you, is outstanding.  What a job on the visuals, but this story just doesn’t work.  Nor does much of the music.  Ewan McGregor has one good performance near the end, and how I wished the whole film could have been more like that, and less of the gay directorial fantasizing.

The straight version of this tale is Stardust (1974), with a tight, impressive script by Ray Connolly.  Definitely a few amplifiers stacked above this thing.

stardust original soundtrack 1974

Other rock and roll odysseys I want to recommend…

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Pink Floyd’s the Wall


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Heavy Metal

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Hedwig & the Angry Inch

American Pop

The Commitments

Rocky Horror Picture Show



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