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Poachers Tried to Kill Rhinos in South African Reserve. Instead, a Pride of Lions Killed Them.



Crab Steals GoPro (short)

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This study reveals both the profound lack of knowledge of what introducing GE mosquitoes into the wild will do as well as the monumental hubris of those studying it.

New Approach to Identify Possible Ecological Effects of Releasing Genetically Engineered Insects

“‘Our project is trying to get it a little bit further into a standardization — a framework for how do you go about systematically evaluating a new technology so you’re looking at all the sorts of different interactions that could possibly happen,’ Morey says.”

Two red flags in that statement.  First they intend to “standardize” releasing laboratory concocted organisms into nature.  Second, they believe they can analyze “all the sorts of different interactions that could possibly happen.”  This arrogance is the type of thinking that is sinking the world’s ecosystems.  It’s what gives scientists a bad name.  All?  They claim superiority over nature — with a straight face.



Great looking stuff from the Blackmagic pocket cam with Pansonic 14-45mm lens.  That’s called nailing the exposure.  I have to get this camera.


This was a pretty nice planet.  Sorry, future.

Dragons Are Real

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And they’re coming.

Hornet attacks kill dozens in China


Butterflies: Short

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Just what it says.  Shot on the new BMC cam.



Photography Exhibit at High Times 




I don’t think there are any ashes or snow in the thing. It is the most mesmerizing film I’ve seen in a while though.