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Ukraine has put U.S. Citizens onto its official assassination list. This is war on U.S. Citizens by a hostile foreign power. Treason is giving them “aid and comfort.”

Neo-fascists train to fight Ukrainian rebels

Volunteers believing in national socialism are joining a battalion raised by the interior ministry.

9 Jun 2014

They are up to the disappearing journalists who oppose Naziism stage.

Ukraine Parliament Cheers Nazi Collaborator

And ladies & gentlemen the current head of Ukraine’s military…

According to reports, the tweet contained “a quote from Stepan Bandera and a photo of the Ukrainian Armed Forces chief, General Valery Zaluzhny, with a large portrait of the Nazi collaborator in the background.”

Western media “whitewashing” Ukraine conflict. Systemic censorship. War since 2014.

Facebook has repeatedly sided with Ukrainian Nazis and against Americans like myself who dissent to any and all military or financial support to genocidal fascists.

This is my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to oppose US government policies favorable to foreign NAZIS!!!

Facebook skews EVIL at this point, and I may have to close my account permanently. I will not stop criticizing support for Ukrainian fascists. Period.

And a reminder…

They hide and are very afraid. I think they should be afraid, because the list for their disposal is drawn up. Everyone will have a turn. 

Ukrainian Military Administration says death-lists of civilian “collaborators”

The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State