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“There is a toxic environment for women at this company,” 


Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein

Money, power, connections, media… sex offender.

Harvey Weinstein, whose films have helped define American culture, apologized for behavior that he said “has caused a lot of pain.”



Parry is now the go-to news source in America, of only a handful of journalists worthy of trust. America has drowned in lies.

The Existential Question of Whom to Trust

Instead, careerism is the order of the day among journalists, intelligence analysts and international monitors – meaning that almost no one who might normally be relied on to tell the truth can be trusted.

…For instance, The New York Times’ Pentagon correspondent Michael R. Gordon, who was the lead writer on the infamous “aluminum tubes for nuclear centrifuges” story which got the ball rolling for the Bush administration’s rollout of its invade-Iraq advertising campaign in September 2002, still covers national security for the Times – and still serves as a conveyor belt for U.S. government propaganda.

…The Washington Post’s editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, who repeatedly informed the Post’s readers that Iraq’s secret possession of WMD was a “flat-fact,” is still the Post’s editorial page editor, one of the most influential positions in American journalism.


U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Syrian Government Workers After Sarin Attack

ALLEGED “sarin attack” that is disputed by half the world. No evidence required, merely the claims of the Trump junta and Al Qaeda in Idlib.

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Monday imposed sanctions on 271 employees of the Syrian government agency it said was responsible for producing chemical weapons and ballistic missiles, an effort to impose a sweeping punishment after a sarin attack on civilians this month.

…It seeks to punish those behind this month’s chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun and previous ones carried out by Mr. Assad’s government, and to deter others contemplating similar actions.

This is FAKE NEWS, as it violates journalistic ethics. No mention of the other side of the story makes it to print.


If there’s “sarin” at that crater, then all of those guys are dead within minutes.

On March 20 the NY Times called Trump a serial liar:

All the President’s Lies

As soon as he gets on board the CIA’s criminal assault on Syria he’s a hero that can speak no wrong.



NYT Mocks Skepticism on Syria-Sarin Claims


The real agenda:
NYT article urges US to let ISIS ‘bleed’ Syria & Russia

This guy approves:





Let’s recall the 2013 Big Lie about sarin gas in Ghouta, Syria.  A tsunami of (similar) news articles tried to make a case against the Syrian government. We even had Israeli military intelligence listening in. We had the same victims shown in multiple locations and positions, exposed by Catholic nuns, who were demonized for disagreeing with the official propaganda.


The NY Times backpedals on its lies:

A new analysis of rockets linked to the nerve-agent attack on Damascus, Syria, in August has concluded that the rockets were most likely fired by multiple launchers and had a range of about three kilometers, according to the two authors of the analysis.

New Study Refines View of Sarin Attack in Syria

Even the retraction headline is a lie! It’s not a refinement. It’s a total reversal. It’s calling bullshit on all the war lies the Times (and most others) put out for months.

Three kilometers, for those not keeping score, was well inside REBEL TERRITORY, not the “9.8km” where the Syrian military was located, undisputed.

That means this is a retraction of a Big Lie. They lied endlessly about gas attacks to the US and western publics. A little retraction piece 4 months later, with a deceptive headline no less, attempts to clear them of any wrongdoing.

Their wrongdoing is profound, pervasive, and ongoing.



NY Times covered this (finally) in the middle of the Trump transition turmoil.

U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels