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Dore is your one store… and it’s all FREE. Free facts. Not all heroes wear capes.

Anyone targeting Jimmy is a drone/bot/stooge. They aren’t even fit to enter the arena. Compare their records of actual journalism to Dore’s library of shows on the most important topics in the world.

Anyway, onto today’s news…

Israel Is Arming Ukraine’s Blatantly Neo-Nazi Militia the Azov Battalion

Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Ocean Temps Hit Record

Posted: August 30, 2021 in -
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So, this is real according to NASA:

The ocean under Ida was close to the hottest ever accessible to a hurricane, and just as with heatwaves on land, ocean heat is rising. This isn’t a “new normal,” it is an on ramp to even more intense climate breakdown in the future, driven by the fossil fuel industry.

So is this, from the horse’s mouth:

By 2015 the game was up to those around the world whose brains weren’t damaged and controlled by US propaganda.


Holder, Barr, DOJ and FBI Outed in Slimy Plot Against Assange

In the form of a “Support Message,” can you hear George Orwell’s snicker?

Anything challenging the political orthodoxy of Facebook & friends is purged, censored from YOU. You are ultimately the reason for this censorship regime. You are not allowed to think.


Let’s remember that time Barack Obama admitted to supporting “foreign extremists” in Syria in a 2013 phone call to Ergogan.

Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game