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Romney’s foot in mouth disease worsens:


If you’re not one of the multi-millionaire (and higher) financial industry CEOs who would be in that room, then you have no business voting for this plutocratic asshole.  Simple as that.  He won’t represent you, but will screw you over for the next X years.  He is not your leader.   He is unabashedly not on your side but will take government services away and give the money to the military and to his billionaire cronies.  That’s his plan.  If that’s a good idea to you, then you should have your head examined (or maybe your morality).

LA TIMES steps up:

Most people who ‘pay no income tax’ are working or have worked in the past, including seniors living on Social Security and Medicare benefits they paid for during their working lives.

Debunking Romney’s attack on Americans who don’t pay income taxes

(Romney would have been better advised to say 47% aren’t paying income taxes now, rather than that 47% “don’t pay taxes,” as if that’s a permanent condition.)

The worst flaw of this figure is that it ignores the burden of other federal taxes shouldered by many in the zero-income-tax group.

Principally, these are payroll taxes… (more)