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In a message “straight from the horse’s mouth,” a former oil executive on Tuesday urged New York state to pass a ban on the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, saying, ‘it is not safe.’

“Making fracking safe is simply not possible, not with the current technology, or with the inadequate regulations being proposed,” Louis Allstadt, former executive vice president of Mobil Oil, said during a news conference in Albany called by the anti-fracking group Elected Officials to Protect New York.


US Shale Oil expected to be exploited without restriction…

“The [International Energy Agency (IEA)] said it expected the US to overtake Russia as the world’s biggest gas producer by 2015 and to become “all but self-sufficient” in its energy needs by about 2035.”

With the “self-sufficiency” justification in full swing, there is not going to be any real  debate over the fracking pollution of groundwater, nor the global warming carbon increases.  This self-sufficiency card will silence Americans and continue their slavish reliance on fossil fuels, instead of creating a clean, renewable infrastructure.

Anti-Fracking activists are set to be treated like terrorists, as anti-animal cruelty activists currently are, without a peep from middle Amerika.  You think “Welcome to the New World Order” is a little over the top?