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Newsweek Suppressed OPCW Scandal And Threatened Me With Legal Action

“I have collected evidence of how they suppressed the story in addition to evidence from another case where info inconvenient to US government was removed, though it was factually correct,” Haddad said. “I plan on publishing these details in full shortly. However, after asking my editors for comment, as is journalistic practice, I received an email reminding me of confidentiality clauses in my contract. I.e. I was threatened with legal action.”

PBS Overview Of Dem Primary Completely Snubs Bernie, Yang & Tulsi


This is a smoking gun that the CDC has committed crimes to protect the vaccine manufacturers from liability and scrutiny. And, as usual, no one goes to jail when the crimes are officially sanctioned.


Turkish police seize the media prior to Nov. 1 elections.

Western Media Memory Hole Pre-Dug for Turkey

Poll: Distrust of media sets record

Interestingly 58% of Democrats trust the corporate media. Read into that what you will.

More at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR).

Recount 2008
DVD: Recount

The 2000 election fiasco, and the theft of same, are dramatized in this HBO film starring Kevin Spacey and Laura Dern.

Recount does a few things right. It sticks to the historical record pretty tightly. It also includes some revelations that perhaps weren’t known at that moment, but were later revealed to be pivotal.


Traitor (2008)

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DVD: Traitor

Blu-ray: Traitor

Traitor plays with fire, and ends up a little wet.

It’s hard to tell what’s guiding this thing along.

Is it the “reality” that the filmmakers believe they are throwing up on the screen?

Is it the need to present an alleged “even handed” treatment of America’s foreign policy and wars?

Is it the need to have some stuff blow up, in Hollywood formulaic fashion?

DVD: Katyn

The Struggle Against Forgetting
Analysis by Binoy Kampmark

The Polish novelist Witold Gombrowicz writes somewhere that history has taught the Poles what it means to not exist. ‘Deprived of a state, they lived for over a century on death row.’ The nature of this historical erasure, this perennial placement in a purgatory seemingly without end, is captured in Katyń, the haunting tribute of Andrzej Wajda to the murder of 15,000 Polish officers in the forest bearing that name between April and May 1940. The proposal to do so had come from the Soviet People’s Commissar of Domestic Affairs, Levrenty Beria. Their murder had an obvious tactical object: the elimination of any functioning intelligentsia that might resist Soviet efforts to incorporate Poland’s eastern territories after the invasion.

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Torturing Democracy

Film Online

Review: I have some problems with this film. But, it also serves a useful purpose, and exposes more first hand testimony about the U.S. gulags. For that it may be quite useful to a lot of people.

The film firmly establishes that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their lawyers are war criminals who should be arrested and tried. That’s the good part. I already knew that of course.

The bad part is that this is a partisan piece and partially a whitewash concerning American aggression in general and the role of the Democratic Party in war crimes. By trying to tie everything to only the Bush gang, a large piece of the puzzle is missing.

In Sherry Jones’ film, we are to believe that the CIA discovered torture in the 1960s, where it lay dormant until 9/11 suddenly allowed Bush and company to revive it. This is nonsense on its face. The CIA has always embraced torture and has written “manuals” on how to practice it. The CIA exports this knowledge to client regimes who practice it around the world.

An investigative journalist who wanted to present an honest case would know that and include it.

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