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FBI Accused of Omitting Evidence From 9/11 Report





Banned in America


The right to freedom of speech only protects people against adverse actions by the government:  It does not insulate them from retaliation in the private economic sector.  Therefore, freedom of speech is usually the purview of the rich, whose resources allow them to survive such retaliation.

The right to freedom of the press doesn’t necessarily give writers access to the press, and, even when it does, these writers incessantly have to run through a gauntlet of “editors,” who ultimately decide if certain works are “worthy” of publication, and, if so, in what form.



“Pandora’s False Promises

Pandora’s Promise, is a new pro-nuclear propaganda documentary released theatrically in the US in July 2013. It is funded in part by individuals with a vested interest in seeing the development of new reactors and is seemingly a vehicle by which to raise the profile of the anti-environmental Oakland think tank, The Breakthrough Institute, whose personnel feature prominently in the film. Despite the film’s premise and early claim that it features “a growing number of leading former anti-nuclear activists” who now support nuclear energy, no one in the film ever led the anti-nuclear movement. Nor was any credible, independent scientific or medical professional with expertise in the areas covered in the film consulted or featured. Beyond Nuclear has bird-dogged the film from the beginning, and has produced numerous critiques. We have also published a definitive report – Pandora’s False Promises: Busting the pro-nuclear propaganda – and a two-page synopsis. These documents address virtually all of the myths, lies and omissions typically found in pro-nuclear rhetoric and are intended to address these long after Pandora’s Promise fades into deserved oblivion.”

  • Nuclear power, no matter the reactor design, cannot address climate change intime. In order to displace a significant amount of carbon-emitting fossil fuel generation, another 1,000 to 1,500 new 1,000+ Megawatt reactors would need to come on line worldwide by 2050, a completely prohibitive proposition.
  • So-called “Generation IV” reactor designs, including “fast” or “small modular reactors,” are the last gasp of a failing industry. Earlier versions of the fast breeder reactor were commercial failures and safety disasters. The ever soaring costs make nuclear power a financial quagmire for investors, and expensive new prototypes commercially unattractive.
  • Proponents of the Integral Fast Reactor, overlook the exorbitant costs; proliferation risks; that it theoretically “transmutes,” rather than eliminates, radioactive waste; that it is decades away from deployment; and that its use of sodium as a coolant can lead to fires and explosions.
  • The continued daily use of nuclear power means continued risk of radiation exposure to surrounding populations, especially children who are vulnerable to leukemia when living close to reactors. Ionizing radiation released by nuclear power plants, either routinely or in large amounts, causes cellular damage and mutations in DNA, which in turn can lead to cancers and other  illnesses.
  • Low-ball health predictions after nuclear accidents are not reliable. The 2005 IAEA/WHO Chernobyl health report has been discredited for suppressing key data to justify low death predictions that do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. Furthermore, the IAEA has a mandate to promote nuclear technology. Given the long latency period of cancers caused by radiation exposure, it is too soon to accurately predict the ultimate health impacts from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, although some health effects are already being observed.
  • The example of Germany — and numerous studies — demonstrates that both coal and nuclear can be phased out in favor of renewable energy. Jobs are more plentiful and enduring in the renewable sector. In Germany, renewable energy already employs 380,000 people compared to 30,000 in the nuclear sector.
  • The argument that only nuclear provides “carbon-free,” base load energy is out of date. Geothermal and offshore wind energy are capable of delivering reliable base load power with a smaller carbon footprint than nuclear energy. Energy efficiency is also an essential component in displacing nuclear and coal.

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“Switch” is getting a massive push of advertising dollars prior to its release. Not sure from where this money has originated, yet.

The film’s website includes video galleries that reveal the content and biases of its creators.  Assorted pro-nuclear voices are featured with zero balance given to the nuclear catastrophes of Fukushima, Chernobyl and others.  The speakers use the global warming argument to push dangerous, cancer-causing nuclear plans, including numerous “small” nuclear plants, championed by the Undersecretary of Energy, Steve Koonin.

None of the pro-nuclear propaganda videos on the website acknowledge the negative side of nuclear power.  The Undersecretary of Energy goes so far as to claim that nuclear plants are the “last place” a terrorist would strike.  Allegedly they are so secure, despite commonly failing when security is actually tested.

The filmmakers attempt to investigate all the avenues of energy, but when it comes to geothermal hot rock “heat mining” they fall short of reality.  The host of the show, Dr. Scott Tinker, claims that heat mining is too expensive in places other than where it is bubbling up out of the ground, such as Iceland.  While showing a near miraculous situation in Reykjavik, where heat is distributed to the houses and electricity is unbelievably cheap — with low maintenance and labor costs and NO RISK TO HUMAN HEALTH– the video goes on to minimize this source by pretending it is just not feasible most everywhere else.  This false presentation of the Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) situation ignores the geothermal development happening across much of the world today.  The filmmakers have presented a biased negative portrayal of geothermal, while an extensive 2006 MIT STUDY said:

“EGS methods have been tested at a number of sites around the world and have been improving steadily.

…In fact, many attributes of geothermal energy, namely its widespread distribution, baseload dispatchability without storage, small footprint, and low emissions, are desirable for reaching a sustainable energy future for the United States.

…Most of the key technical requirements to make EGS work economically over a wide area of the country are in effect, with remaining goals easily within reach.”
–The Future of Geothermal Energy

This finding was completely absent from what is shown on the “Switch” website, while nuclear industry propaganda is highlighted by a number of speakers, minus the radiation exposures, the birth defects, the cancers, the thyroid diseases, the heart diseases, the damage to organs and deformities of the children born in contaminated regions.

The lie that only one nuclear plant disaster has had “fatalities” is stated, and a bogus claim about the alleged safety of the industry is presented.  This insidious propaganda should be investigated more fully and rebutted in no uncertain terms.