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George Galloway thinks so.

Fall of Empires: London, Washington & Paris on brink of collapse




Corporate censorship erasing a major revolution from history as we speak. Turn off your stupid televisions and start investigating the world for yourself.



Violence Escalating in France

Posted: December 15, 2018 in -
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It’s starting to look like Kiev.

I’d have more sympathy for the cops if they weren’t repeatedly caught beating the shit out of random protesters.



France’s deadly and growing protests, in 17 pictures

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That recurring question: Why didn’t they do something about them before they attacked?

French reports say that the man, who was around 30 years old, was already known to French anti-terrorist authorities prior to last night’s attacks. 

Similarly in January 2015 in the wake of the “Charlie Hebdo attack” which left 12 dead, it was revealed that French security agencies tracked the perpetrators for nearly a decade beforehand, having arrested at least one terrorist a total of two times, incarcerating him at least once, tracked two of them overseas where they had trained with known terrorist organizations and possibly fought alongside them in Syria, before tracking them back to French territory.

CONFIRMED: French Government Knew Extremists BEFORE Paris Terrorist Attack