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Paul Jay on “Vice”

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Wilkerson doesn’t seem to get 9/11.


“Iranian Expansionism”


Saudi / Trump alliance turning into World War 3.



Kiriakou was a Boyscout, and he finds it unthinkable that US leaders would harm Americans, but offing a million Iraqis would be no problem for them.

The entire 10 part series is on RealNews.


Paul Jay dropped the ball and didn’t grill Kiriakou about Zubaydah’s information linking Al Qaeda directly to Saudi Royals. He had their phone numbers. That is the most plausible reason yet for CIA to snatch him away and begin torturing him (into silence).

Early April 2002: Al-Qaeda Leader Zubaida Allegedly Incriminates Saudi Princes

Zubaida expresses great relief at this and, under the influence of the “truth serum” sodium pentothal, tells his interrogators to call Prince Ahmed bin Salman, a nephew of the Saudi king. He provides telephone numbers from memory and says, “He will tell you what to do.” He proceeds to give more information and phone numbers, claiming ties with higher-ups in both the Saudi and Pakistani governments. He also names:
bullet Pakistani Air Force chief Mushaf Ali Mir, who is said to be closely tied to the fundamentalists in the ISI.
bullet Saudi Intelligence Minister Prince Turki al-Faisal.
bullet Prince Sultan bin Faisal, another nephew of the Saudi King.
bullet Prince Fahd bin Turki, another member of the Saudi royalty.
9/11 ‘Rosetta Stone?’ – According to Posner, Zubaida claims that all of these people were intermediaries he dealt with in the frequent transfer of money to al-Qaeda. The phone numbers and other details he provides are consistent with information already known by US intelligence. Zubaida then lays out many secrets about the 9/11 attacks. One unnamed investigator will later call them “the Rosetta Stone” of 9/11.