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This ensemble comedy features Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Nick Frost and others. Very loosely based on a true phenomenon, the story is completely fictionalized and excessively silly.  They didn’t take it very seriously.

Made as an homage to rock music, the name of the ship has changed. The story was Hollywoodized with some familiar tropes. The British government clowns are ridiculously over the top and given names like Twatt.


The BBC monopoly on the airwaves, however, is true. As is the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act of 1967. Government hostility to freedom is a clear theme throughout. In the spirit of the times however, the government found itself on the wrong side of a majority of the population. The film could have been funnier. Perhaps they rushed the script and went for a number of silly setups. The characters often veer into slapstick territory, diminishing the gravity of the situation. It’s all a non-serious bit of escapism set to a 60’s rock track. Perhaps there were too many characters fighting for screen time, and they couldn’t develop them quite enough to make them real. Something didn’t quite click here, but it picks up in the second half.



BBC goes back to the moment that defined the 1960s.

58 Min.