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Dear Sarah,

Okay. But your half-hearted critique of Hillary was lame. She’s a war criminal with a record, a record of a lot of lying in fact…



Your weaselly defense of Clinton, a woman, a “Democrat” blah, blah… the Democratic Party is a criminal syndicate, not a charity organization. It doesn’t mean they actually favor democracy, although some may. The very existence of Superdelegates, delegates above and beyond the one-person / one-vote principle, betrays their true agenda.+



LA Screenwriter

AFF_Logoby Angela Guess

At the recent Austin Film Festival, Danny Manus and Pamela Ribon were on hand to teach all the shy, introverted, socially-awkward writers in the room (myself included) how to pitch. Danny’s experience with pitching comes from the executive end. He’s currently running No BullScript Consulting, but he admits that he is a “recovering development executive.” Pamela’s experience comes from actually doing pitches for both film and TV projects, and she has sold numerous ideas and scripts to the likes of ABC, Warner Bros., Disney Channel, and 20th Century Fox.

Pamela and Danny had a lot of wonderful advice to dispense. In no particular order, here are their top 24 tips:

  1. A logline is key. Hook them up front with your big idea, your main characters, and your conflict.
  2. Don’t get bogged down in the details. This leads to coming to the end of your time and…

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