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From Indiewire.   The most twisted, poetic mindfuck of the season.  I don’t know what to think about this ode to cruelty, psychopathy, nightmares and gore.  I don’t really get Rob Zombie or the French author whose psychotic musings overlay the imagery in this “video essay.”  But tis the season of the witch, and terror is in the air.



“Words do not live in dictionaries.  They live in the mind.”

The only audio recording of Virgina Woolf.


Jihad of the nerds?



This Jason Silva fellow really hits the caffeine hard.  More at TestTube

Shots of Awe


Watching that David Lynch interview reminded me of this dreamlike western.  In black and white, a poetic, disturbing ordeal that maintains a beauty and an elegant wholeness to it.  Such a different kind of film, with such unexpected elements, it’s hard to describe without giving too much away.


Jim Jarmusch sends Johnny Depp into the old west to try and scrape by as a middle-management accountant type.  By the time Depp arrives however, circumstances have changed.  They then change for the worse, and worse, and worse.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive.  It’s a meditative journey into the heart of darkness, and resonates still.  But some reviewers disagreed, including, surprise: Roger Ebert.

“’Dead Man’ is a strange, slow, unrewarding movie that provides us with more time to think about its meaning than with meaning.”

Ebert complains of the slow pace a couple of times.  It takes a certain mood to appreciate a slow burn, and if one isn’t in it…


Entertainment Weekly also panned the film.  Owen Gleiberman:

“The film has barely started, and already we can tell what we’re in for — two hours of metaphysical drift.”

And sometimes that fits the bill.  Audiences give it 85% today on Rotten Tomatoes, edging it toward cult status.


I think I’ll name my production company Metaphysical Drift.