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“In Frank Miller’s influential 1986 series The Dark Knight Returns, Batman drags an unconscious perpetrator up to a rooftop, and hangs him upside down with his eyes covered. When the bad guy wakes up, Batman begins to question him, and then uncovers the guy’s eyes. Hundreds of feet above the city, the bad guy starts to scream in terror, prompting our hero to ruminate smugly about how much fun he’s having.

Last year, in the film Olympus Has Fallen, the American agent played by Gerard Butler stabbed a North Korean bad guy in the knee to get him to talk. The audience at the preview I attended cheered enthusiastically.”

Torture Is Good

The Aurora tragedy raises the haunting question: Why does pop culture inspire people to kill?

by Owen Gleiberman

Spree killers and their connections to pop culture phenomena, and more widely applicable: pop culture’s influence on both empathy and obsessions.

God Bless America - The Movie

God Bless America - The Movie

Trailer Here

You know how I love a good satire (see here and here), so Bob Goldthwait’s upcoming pop-culture / ugly Americanism killing spree looks like it should warm the hearts of children young and old alike.

If anyone has seen it on the festival circuit, let’s hear more.