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LIAR2 wide



My latest original song has a bunch of technical improvements. I have this primal need to rock, and it changes 4 or 5 times, evolving.

Could be an anti-establishment anthem of sorts.




2015Muse_Drones_120315-1024x640 (1)

Muse say new album ‘Drones’ is ‘a modern metaphor for what it is to lose empathy’

And there’s a behind the scenes concert vid at the link.

Party Music 4 Halloween

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Deep cultural resonance…



This surely goes with the David Lynch Miley Cyrus video.




“Frankly they stopped telling important news about the world, and they just tell gossip.”

–Salma Hayek

This is a frustrating and depressing documentary.  It behaves pretty fairly to all parties, including the paparazzi.  The idiot nation purchasing this crap is also called to the red carpet, and the whole thing screams for a God Bless America type solution.

The children of the stars are also being attacked whenever in public.  That was the point where I had to pause and consider the consequences to those on the other side of the lenses.  Horror stories abound of celebrities hunted down.  Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Sarah Jessica Parker and others recount situations where they were trapped or chased.

The larger questions concerning what this idiotic worship of glitz is doing to the nation also get asked.  It could have used quite a bit more of that, and fewer paparazzi photographs, seemingly legitimizing what they’ve set out to attack.  That is the problem with anything film related, this documentary being no exception.  Film is mass marketed and reliant upon celebrity to sell it, and to get me to write about it and you to click on the trailer.  We are complicit and stained by this culture of mindless fame and image promotion.

I’ve never purchased one of those gossip rags, and I don’t watch that shit.  I think I made the right call.  Fuck them all.  There are so many important, desperate issues to investigate.  Whether or not someone showed cellulite on a beach is so fucking irrelevant to the world it strains belief that it’s now a big business, a billion a year or more.  People fill their puny little minds with this gibberish, and they’re part of our society, voting, giving approval, nodding to the talking heads they worship, be they movie stars or politicians.  The price of an uninformed public is tyranny, a tyranny engineered out of mass deception.  Big lies are made possible because of small minds with little knowledge of history, law, and lately just basic morality.

There’s an opportunity cost to garbage culture that the masses don’t understand.  Filling your mind with trivia can only be done at the expense of not filling it with knowledge and relevant information.  This is the society America has largely chosen to be, gorged on junk food, junk drinks, junk “news”, and political deceptions that they have no clue how to properly analyze.  The “consumers” are the ultimate villains here, a point the film actually does make.  It is their spending decisions that enable the rest of it.



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