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The writer devalues the entire finding by continually referring to hopeful narrative stories as “entertainment:” a loathsome, despicable word I refuse to stomach.  I would rant about this false concept at length, but, anyway:

The Pursuit of Hopefulness (Effects of Narrative Storytelling)

in all three cases, led to three different positive emotional responses. Second, the results of this study suggest that underdog narratives not only provide viewers with models of hard work and determination, but that inducing hope may increase the likelihood that viewers will pursue their own goals.

What they’re describing are psychological changes in the audience: art, communication, the transfer of emotions and resonance, sticking power.  Fuck “entertainment,” which is transitory distraction of no consequence (except to Mammon).  Using the banal marketing speak of the culture renders useless their own area of research and expertise.  It’s counter productive and helps no one.