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Civil rights are being violated, and police are running amok arresting people without evidence.




California has finally become CALIFORNIA!


And Hillary may be going to jail?


Golden toilets in the White House?

You people know what’s going on?


L.E.A.P. writes:

We have some very exciting news: California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act is officially on the ballot this November!

Now, as the campaign kicks into high gear, the real work begins. Legalizing and regulating adult use of marijuana in one of the nation’s most influential states will be a huge victory for drug policy reform, but to make sure it happens, we need to reach California voters and tell them why it’s so imperative to legalize and regulate marijuana.

Legalization and regulation of marijuana will create revenue estimated at more than $1 billion in California, in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars the state will save in criminal justice costs currently being wasted on arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning people for nonviolent marijuana offenses.

Californians need to hear from pro-reform law enforcers, one of the most influential groups in past successful legalization initiatives, on why legalization, regulation, and control is a more practical and ethical approach to marijuana policy. LEAP is ready to help bring legalization to California: our speakers are out in force, making presentations, talking to the media, writing opinion-editorial pieces, doing everything they can to support legalization efforts and connect with California voters. But we need your help to ensure a shift toward more responsible marijuana policy.

Please donate now to support LEAP’s work in California and other states on the verge of marijuana reform.


Okay, so I have a little place in my heart for Jennifer Aniston and crazy stoner comedies… but–


We’re the Millers wasn’t terrible.  It wasn’t very good either.  It hit the formula points, and it had enough laughs to keep it moving along.  Its 47% Tomatometer reading is probably just about right.

I’d hoped for more depth, the kind which is regularly seen pretty much all over television these days, but I’m hoping in the wrong medium it seems.  One dimensional Mexican drug lords, stupid Keystone Cop action, gratuitous hateful family that comes together, and it can really start to grate in retrospect.

I’d take any two half-decent episodes of Weeds instead, truthfully.  Not that Weeds has its shit together.  They often scrape the barrel for laughs and twists, but it just feels more real, more enjoyable, less manipulative of the audience, less couched in mainstream culture moralizing for starts.  Weeds doesn’t have to explain where its coming from, unlike this film which apparently has to appeal to middle Amerika.  It’s a different sensibility.


We’re the Millers arrived on DVD this week, and so I’m going to run out and check out The World’s End, which may have a lot more promise and has now also arrived at the local Red Box.



“HIGH TIMES Interview: Ross Rebagliati

In 1998, Ross Rebagliati was the first to win Olympic Gold for the new category of snowboarding; he then found himself in the middle of a scandal when he tested positive for pot.
By Joe Giambrone”

>Olympic gold medal snowboarder Ross Rebagliati in 1998

Hey guys and gals — I had a lengthy talk with Olympian Ross Rebagliati, and it’s in the upcoming issue of High Times Magazine.  Check it out.


In two minutes.






A second drug war film is soon to release:


Interview with one of the filmmakers:

“There is no War on Drugs if they’re legal. If you have to demonize drugs and their users in order to justify a war against them, it’s just …. If you talk to people, they fear talking honestly about the subject. Public figures fear speaking about the injustices of the War on Drugs. It just goes to show the wholehearted brainwashing that’s occurred because of the War on Drugs propaganda machine.

Business Insider, of all places, wants to tell you how awesome marijuana is…


All The Reasons Pot Is Good For You