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“The average cost of cancer drugs today is four times the median household income.”

This is real class war.


A Nobel Prize-Winning Cancer Therapy Will Be Unaffordable for Most Americans. Public Pharmaceuticals Can Help Change That.

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Well then…

Sometime after midnight I’m going to tell Amazon to screw you guys over and double the price. Hah! That’s what I get to do, muthafuckas. Can you feel the power pulsing and gushing out across the web? That’s right. This shit is of the utmost seriousness. Money, bitches. Currency. Economics. It’s all going down around midnight, and then you can cry and weep to each other as I giggle atop my pile of riches and count my jewels.



See Chapters 1 and 2

Solar Prices Dropped 70%

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U.S. solar power has dropped a whopping 70 percent since 2009, even as panels get smarter.

Solar Energy Sees Eye-Popping Price Drops

The Wine Scam

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Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels

The New York Times:

The cost of providing electricity from wind and solar power plants has plummeted over the last five years, so much so that in some markets renewable generation is now cheaper than coal or natural gas.

So let me add: fuck you nuclear, and your malignant, cancerous apologists. Fuck you gas fracking and the outright poisoning of our vital aquifers. Fuck you oil drillers, destroying the Gulf of Mexico as if it was yours to destroy. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

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While I don’t like linking to Mother Jones, with a disclaimer that they will mislead on controversial issues, this seems pretty straightforward:

Here Comes the Sun: America’s Solar Boom, in Charts

The most crucial piece of info is on this image:


42 cents per watt

When that day comes, it’s time.

Remember Mother Jones, The Nation and a host of other so-called “progressive” and “alternative” outlets receive shady foundation funding, some of it connected to the Ford Foundation and the CIA.


Fuck the nuclear mafia. Fuck the fossil-fuel dinosaurs…





EPB, realized that smart-grid energy infrastructure could also provide consumers super-fast Internet speeds at competitive prices. A few years ago, those officials decided to act on that revelation…

The result is a system that now provides the nation’s fastest broadband speeds at prices often cheaper than the private competition.

EPB officials tell the Washington Post that the utility’s telecom services have become “a great profit center”

How Tennessee could save America’s Internet


Let me add that “smart-grid” means unprecedented surveillance of your home energy use — in real time — with obvious implications for abuse and totalitarian eavesdropping. We need protection from government monitoring of our homes. So I’m a bit on the fence over this specific implementation.

Which brings us to the other stories today:

Forensic scientist identifies suspicious ‘back doors’ running on every iOS device
Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block


Blackmagic Price Drop

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Amazing announcement.  Price of the 2.5k BMC cams has been slashed by 1/3rd.

“We have done it and from today the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and MFT models will be reduced in price to US$1,995. This is very exciting and is one of the proudest moments of my life to be able to do this!”

Plus the little Plocket Cam version is now shipping.

See the footage gallery.


I must have this

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This handheld gimbal revolutionizes the steady-shot. It will probably be expensive, but able to be rented. Amazing. I would shoot a whole film with this.