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New Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett: “I’ve Killed Lots Of Arabs In My Life And There’s No Problem With That”

Thursday, 3 June 2021, 9:03 am
Press Release: Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa

The just-announced formation of a new government in Israel is not a cause for celebration. For those who might think new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett must be an improvement after 12 years of appalling racism from Benjamin Netanyahu – think again!


Nouri al Maliki, Iraqi Prime Minister 2006-2014

Iraq’s puppet prez, who is no longer in the government, has come out with critical statements stating the obvious: Washington is full of shit and protecting ISIS.

“It’s unbelievable and unacceptable that more than 60 nations comprising this coalition that have the most modern aircraft and weapons at their disposal have been conducting their campaign in Iraq for 14 months and IS still remains in the country,” he told RT’s Arabic-language sister-channel Rusiya Al-Yaum.

‘US-led coalition disjointed in fighting ISIS as some members have own plans’

Or maybe ISIS is a key instrument for changing the situation in Iraq and the region?”