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Free Public Domain Footage

Posted: January 4, 2021 in -
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8 Sources of Free Footage for Docs

Back to filming–go film the unfolding apocalypse.



BBC producer in Syria’s admissions IGNORED by his own network.

Riam Dalati


BBC Syria Producer


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Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films is ramping up to take on the national security state and secret government.

The War On Whistleblowers (trailer)


Not only is Big Brother now watching your every move, the Government is also preventing you from speaking out. In our new full length documentary War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State we tell the stories of four people who were silenced and the journalists who were finally able to get their voices heard.

As always we rely on you to help us make these films. The help of our individual supporters allowed us to make Outfoxed and Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price. Without our Producers we would never have been able to have over 10,000 house screenings of Iraq For Sale. Last year Koch Brothers Exposed came together because 3,000 people contributed. Donate and become a Producer and help stop the National Security State.

When we started researching this project, I thought we would produce one or two short videos to shine a light on the issue. As we got deeper into it and saw the level of corruption; the lawsuits our Government filed against individuals; the attempts to malign good people, we knew we needed to produce an entire film to give them justice. Please help us to finish and distribute the film by donating to be a Producer now.

Donate by February 20th and your name will be in the end credits of the film as a Producer. You can also donate for a limited edition t-shirt.

Thank you for your support,

Robert Greenwald