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NY Times “reporters” ask Ukrainian Nazis to hide their Nazi patches for photographs. That is pure propaganda.


Journalists Are Asking Ukrainian Soldiers To Hide Their Nazi Patches, NYT Admits

43 years later, abject imbeciles are suddenly upset about Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Manipulated, brainwashed, tools for political agendas.

Jimmy Dore is now on the Ukraine kill list!

The Twitter responses are fucking glorious.

They are attempting to wage a false flag war of terror on Americans, with the media leading the charge with lies about it.

How the tables turn quickly when you can’t shout down your opponent and cut them off before they can respond.

PT 2

The smear machine:


DOCTORS censored by Twitter. Perps now being grilled by Congress.

Jimmy doesn’t know who David Gilmour is?

Well, do any of us…