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Don’t Imprison Amy Goodman or Deia Schlosberg for Journalism









Australian Politician Sets Methane-Laden River On Fire To Protest Fracking




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Tell YOUR Congressional Representative NOW:


Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)


You can also join these other efforts:

Join the Global Fight-Back Against TPP

The TPP will:

“let corporations overturn U.S. laws, speed up the destruction of the environment, outsource jobs, encourage slavery, eliminate food safety standards, make medicine cost even more, censor and restrict the internet, impede reform of Wall Street, and make those 20 people who own as much as half the country even richer at your expense?”

Don’t give a damn about the TPP? You’re going to wish it gave a damn about you



Divided and conquered, the first rule of authoritarianism is to not allow the rabble to organize against you.

Social Media Surveillance Could Have a Devastating Impact on Free Speech



Anti-austerity bloc brings down Portugal’s government

Proposals to continue austerity policies were blocked in parliament, backed by mass public anger, forcing the government to dissolve.