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Can we stop sending our tax money there NOW???


Lieberman Appoints IDF Chief Rabbi Who Endorses Rape to Improve Troop Morale

His main claim to infamy is that in a religious publication (Hebrew), he was asked how he would balance the portrait in the Book of Deuteronomy regarding the conquest of ancient Israel with modern military policy.  He told readers that it would be permissible for the army to rape attractive women (Krim’s statement is translated into English here) among the enemy because it would improve military morale and redound to the greater good of the nation in pursuing its military objectives:



ISIS Selling Women

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ISIS introduces ‘price scheme’ for selling enslaved women and girls






Surrealism in pseudo-documentary about mass murdering war criminals re-enatcing their mass murders.  This is so disturbing that I’m not sure if I’m ready to watch the film in its entirety.



Decent article on the idea of violent media affecting society:

Who’s to blame for gun violence? Movie critics!

By Andrew O’Hehir