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For Christmas, why not consider watching It’s a Wonderful Life, below?


Frank Capra’s masterpiece has lived on as THE Christmas Movie, in part because it’s in the public domain.  Yes, anyone, anywhere can play the film or broadcast it, now that it has slipped into the public domain.  A couple of years ago I caught the DVD version, and interviews with Capra’s son.  Through a clerical mistake the film’s copyright lapsed.  Then it became the most played Christmas movie of all time mostly because it was free, and no royalties need be paid by television broadcasters.

The film should resonate today, as its main character is fighting the evil banksters of the day by championing a public interest bank, like a Credit Union.  Economist Ellen Brown has been writing about similar struggles as in the Bank of North Dakota, and efforts to enact state banks that don’t siphon off profits to private profiteers.

The Public Banking Institute is the place to go learn more about that.  Their site proclaims, “Public Banking — it already works in the United States and is catching on! 20 States are considering some form of state banking legislation.”



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