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Strict Gun Laws Now

Posted: February 19, 2018 in -
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I would advocate outlawing all assault weapons immediately and prosecuting those who don’t comply. I’ve had enough of NRA mindless propaganda, the ravings of paranoid idiots grasping at straws to justify the indefensible.

Support for stricter gun laws hits all-time high in poll





Americans are largely becoming more sadistic, murderous and insane by the year. Witness Trump. Witness this:

US survey reveals public support for nuclear strikes

They found the result “startling”; 59 percent of respondents backed “using a nuclear bomb on an Iranian city“.

Iran has done nothing to us, but was attacked by our CIA and its democracy strangled in 1953 for the crime of being independent and controlling its own oil.

Now Americans want to wage mass death on Iran for no reason whatsoever. For propaganda. For lies. For the delusion that they are untouchable and that bombs can only fly in one direction.

Perhaps the elites have more sense than Joe Six Pack.

If not…



Project Censored founders Break the Set.




A 5 minute introduction to Operation Gladio and covert manipulation of the public.  This should be required learning in school, but alas, it is highly censored in the United States.





Heartfelt desperation from investigative reporter Andre Vitchek.  All the facts and truth in the world can’t sway western ignorami into doing the right thing.  Perhaps it’s going to get a lot worse.

The Indoctrinated West



Illegal psyops, disinformation, lying, CIA and National Security Council (NSC) deceptions against the American people were deleted from history by the corrupt Congress in the 1980s. The lost chapter has been posted. See article:

CIA Media Disinformation and US Proxy Wars: Fallouts of Iran-Contra’s “Lost Chapter”
By Robert Parry

The Lost Chapter